Athena's Arena

location downtown Sparta

half of every thursday

  • Little meatballs order of 6 to 12 lamb meatballs wrapped in a spicy eggplant tomato sauce.... 7 Dp

  • Poulet a la Grecque 8 to 16 coated chicken pieces stewed with fresh picked tomatoes, white wine, shallots and garlic ( optional ) side of white rice.... 8 Dp

  • Dolmas stuffed grapes leaves filled with white rice , onions , currants, pine nuts and mint and spices .... 10 Dp

  • Turkey Meatballs tangy meatballs served with a creamy mustard dip ... 5 Dp

  • Saganaki slices of fried feta cheese served with ripe tomatoes slices with a fresh halve of lemon ... 8 Dp
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Orange roast lamb roasted leg coated with a seasoned orange mustard side of roasted red potatoes ... 19.14 Dp

Yemistas stuffed tomatoes or green peppers filled with melted feta cheese and rice and roasted onions drizzled in olive oil ... 13.91 Dp

Gyro burger lamb served on warm Pita bread fresh sliced lettuce ,tomatoes , and onions.. 15.69 Dp

Batsaria browned top layer of this spinach pie with fresh parsley , spearmint, feta cheese ... 17.49 Dp

Stuffed Zucchini lamb and rice stuffed Zucchini with mint and parsley simmered with a top coat fresh egg and lemon juice .. 18.27 Dp

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Side salads

  • Mediterranean potato salad red potatoes tossed with a zingy dressing with lemon juice mixed chopped veggies ... 7 Dp

  • Tuna Slovakia salad pasta noodles tossed with tuna , feta cheese, fried red peppers ... 8 Dp

  • Tomatoe salad red onions , tomatoes, feta cheese and optional avacodo .. 5 Dp

  • Salad IV tomatoes , cucmbers, and green peppers olive oil with a splash of lemon juice ...9 Dp
  • Fattoush salad freshly fried Peta bread, lettuce , ripe tomatoes, feta cheese and chopped veggies ... 9 Dp


  • iced coffee ... 5.21 Dp
  • black tea with lemon ... 3.47 Dp
  • Krasi - wine ... 6.08 Dp
  • Biera... 5.21 Dp
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  • Frozen yougurt cold smooth sheep milk yoyurt with drizzled mint and honey.. 3.21 Dp

  • Baklava golden pastry phyllo layers surrounded by crispy walnut filling with honey syrup.. 5.21 Dp

  • Koulourakia S-shaped cinnamon cookies topped with sesame seeds (4).. 3.08 Dp
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