Sparks Between Us

how to build a fire

For Starters:

you have to pick a good location for the fire to ensure, not only that it starts, but that it lasts. this area should be protected from things like the wind and should not be near anything flammable.


To set up a fire, you need to gradually build up your pile of wood from the bottom. First you put down things like paper, leaves, and grass, which help because they catch fire more easily. this is called tinder. Once you set that up, you can start piling on small twigs and sticks. this level is called kindling. After that, all you have to do is add the actual logs to your fire.

Lighting the flames:

this next step really all depends on the resources available to you. you could:

1. use a lighter or matches

2. rub two small sticks together rapidly over a small clump of dry grass

3. you can bang together certain rocks to create sparks to start a fire

Saftey first:

once you get the fire going, you have to stay alert and make sure that the fire doesnt get out of hand. some ways to prevent things from flying off the handle are:

1. have water nearby to douse the flames

2. keep a watchful eye to make sure everything stays in place

3. make sure the structure of the fire is sturdy as to prevent things from falling