Aerospace Engineering

By: Thomas Gooch

Work for an aerospace engineer

Aerospace engineering is mainly based around aircraft's that fly through the atmosphere to a space ship that its soaring the universe. Flying is a huge part to getting anywhere far and across the sea and there are many thing that can go wrong within those limits and if it was me i'd rather be flying in something that I created then something that flew me from place to destination id have a lot more trust in the invention.

Daily routine of an aerospace engineer

Each day the engineers may figure out what new they can do to upgrade the old version of what they made before or may come up with there own new product of the item that will help the air craft in better shape. Then on things they fail on they will look back and see what they did wrong and revise it so they can get that product out for the world if it succeeds.


Most beginners just getting into the business tend to make around $70,000 a year, but as they get further into their careers they will get a higher pay for their experience.


You need at least a bachelors degree while still studying high into high math and science educations. Ex: Algebra, trigonometry for math or like chemistry and physics for science.