Air Pollution

Heat Islands and Temperature Inversions

What is a Heat Island?

The formation of the Heat island is caused by the creation of buildings, roads, etc. Surfaces that were once permeable and moist become impermeable and dry. These changes causes urban regions to become warmer than their rural surroundings, forming an "island" of higher temperatures in the landscape. Heat islands can occur on the surface and the atmosphere.

"There is research that indicates urban heat effects climate change by about 30%."

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What is Temperature Inversions?

Sometimes temperature does increase with height. The situation of having warm air on top of cooler air is referred to as temperature inversion, because the temperature profile of the atmosphere is "switched" from its usual state. There are two types of temperature inversions: surface inversions that occur near the Earth's surface, and aloft inversions that occur above the ground. Surface inversions are the most important to know.

Basics of how it is formed...

The most common manner in which surface inversions form is through the cooling of the air near the ground at night.
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Health Effects of Heat Islands

Heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat syncope, and heat craomps (Basically they are all symptoms of being overheated by the high temperatures). It also effects water quality, which goes in hand with our health.

So, what do you need to write down?

Heat Islands = Where urban temperatures are higher that their rural surroundings as a result of the formation of buildings, roads, etc.

Temperature Inversion = When the temperature is higher with height most commonly by the cooling of air at night.