Mrs. Parker's 8th Grade Science

Sealy Jr. High

Welcome to my 8th grade science class!

The goal of science is to learn and understand general scientific principals that will prepare you to be successful on the science STAAR test this year and beyond.

Nine Week Outline

Aug 15-Oct 9: Lab safety, Scientific Investigation/Reasoning, Matter & Energy

Oct 15-Dec 20: Force & Motion, Organisms and the Environment, Cells, Human body systems and Genetic traits

Jan 8-Mar 5: Lunar/Rock/Earth cycles, Weather/Seasons, Human activities and Earth systems, Components of Universe

Mar 17-May 21: STAAR Review and Biology Prep.

Contact Information

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. My conference time is 2nd period (8:44-9:34 AM) every day.



1 - Composition Notebook

There is a $5 lab fee for all students to help furnish lab supplies used throughout the year.

Grading Policy

The nine weeks average will be calculated from a combination of daily work, quizzes and major grades.

Your nine weeks average will be calculated from a combination of 60% major (tests/projects) and 40% minor (daily work/quizzes) grades

There will be a minimum of 9 minor grades and 3 major grades per nine weeks.

Homework Policy

Homework will be assigned whenever the teacher deems it necessary. Homework could be a new assignment of the completion of in class work not finished that day. Late homework will be treated in accordance with the Late Work Policy. Students may be required to attend tutorials for missed homework assignments.

Late Work Policy

In an effort to get students to turn work in on time, the following policy will be followed:

1-3 Days Late - 20 points will be deducted

After 3 Days Late - Student will receive a zero for the assignment

Exception: This policy does not apply to students who are absent. Special circumstances may be discussed between parent and his/her child's teacher.

Policy for Retest/Redo

Students will be allowed to retake one test per grading period if they meet the following criteria:

  • Student must have made below a 70 on the original test
  • Student must request the test
  • The extent of the remediation will be at the teacher's discretion.
  • The highest grade a student can receive for a retest is a 70.

Students will be allowed to redo two daily assignments per 9 weeks. The following requirements apply:

  • Student must have made below a 70 on the original assignment.
  • Student must request the redo option.
  • The highest grade a student can receive for the assignment is a 70.

Cheating Policy

There will be a zero tolerance policy regarding cheating. This applies to any and all assignments and subject matter.

Remind 101

To get text messages about upcoming due dates or important class info, sign up for Remind 101. For General Science classes text @ff9bad to 81010 or Pre-AP Science classes text @d4kha8 to 81010.