developed countries vs

developing countries

italy and madagascar

Italy's population is 61,855,120(July 2015 est.)

madagascar's population is 23,201,926 (July 2014 est.)

Madagascar and Italy's population change

Italy's population growth rate is 0.3% (2014 est.)

Madagascar's population growth rate is 2.62% (2014 est.)

Italy's life expectancy vs Madagascar's life expectancy

Italy's life expectancy is 82.12 years

Madagascar's life expectancy is 65.55 years

Italy's ans Madagascar's population distribution

Italy's population distribution is 68.4%

Madagascar's population distribution is 32.6%


Italy has the 2nd best healthcare next to France and Italy has the 11th highest life expectancy

Madagascar mosquitos has given them malaria it caused 11,000 deaths in 1987 there healthcare is free but families have to pay for supplies and they are under staff

changes in population

Madagascar disease is trypanosomiasis, cholera, brucellosis, and yellow fever

Italy population change some people left in search of work their birth rate has fallen 3.7% since 2012

environmental problems

In Italy they have air pollution, polluted inland waters, air rain, insufficient industrial waste treatment, and disposal programs

Madagascar have deforestation, and habitat destruction, agricultural fires, erosion, and soil degradation