1. Cut 4 circles

a. 5” radius on white (large paper)

b. 2.5” radius on white (large paper)

c. 4” radius on white (small paper)

d. 3” radius on construction paper color of your choice

2. Color blue pastel on white edges

3. Cut scarf dangle using same color of construction paper you used for scarf

4. Cut carrot nose out of orange construction paper

5. Cut twig arms out of brown construction paper

6. Create face on snowman

a. Draw eyes

b. Glue down carrot nose using white glue.

7. Write name on the back of all pieces

8. Create blue, purple, or black background using large construction paper and white pastel. Write name on the back of the paper.

9. Decorate scarf using crayons or pastels. Make a radial design for the circle…ask me!

10. Snowman layers

a. Background

b. Biggest circle

c. Cardboard

d. Medium Circle

e. Twig arms and scarf

f. Cardboard

g. Smallest circle (face)