Athens vs. Sparta

by garrett cate P7 social studies

Athens school system

athens only let boys go to school, but girls could also go if they were rich and weathy.

They learned to play the lyre, a instrument kind of like a harp. A teacher taught they to read,write, and do math. While a another teacher taught them to play sports. It was like our schools now, but more boring.

Spartas school system

sparta very belived in the milatary, cause they needed more land as it grew, so they needed lots of people. They made boys the age of 7 enter training in the barracks. then they brain washed them and made them eat this nasty food called black broth, which is pork boiled in animal blood, salt and vinegar. They got out of training when they were 30, and could be called to go in war when ever they needed you, and could not retire until age 60.
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spartans government

Spatas government was a oligarchy. Which means it had 2 kings that headed a council of elders. The council had 28 people who were age 60 and over, presented laws to an assembly. All guys age 30 and over, belonged to the assembly. They voted on the concils laws and choose 5 citizens to be ephors every year. Ephors made the laws and managed tax collection.

Athens government

The Athens government started out as a oligarchy and is ruled by land-downing nobles. The Athens began to rebel against the nobles. Many farmers owed nobles money, and most sold into slavery to pay debts. Farmers demanded to put an end to all debts, along with land for the poor. The nobles turned to one man both sides trusted: a nice noble named Solon. Solon cancelled all the farmer's debts, and freed the slaves. He also allowed the boy citizens to participate in an assembly and law courts.