Ipads in the classroom

The benefits of technology integration

iPad Integration

IPads are a great way to integrate technology into the classroom, and have a variety of applications that are beneficial in a education setting. The ideal classroom would have a device for every student, but even having a few in the classroom or one for the teacher can open up a multitude of resources available.

Once benefit is that iPads can download eBooks to replace traditional textbooks. This is a positive change for a variety of reasons. The device can hold multiple books, do there is no need to lug around multiple heavy books. There is also no risk of the book being out of stock or having shipping be delayed. These books have dictionaries built in, saving time looking up unknown words. A student can also digitally highlight the book, without damaging or altering it. Finally, it saves paper and eBooks are often less expensive than new textbooks.

Technology is no longer a optional integration. The resources that iPads provide to the classroom are extremely beneficial. While they are not a complete replacement for traditional computers, especially in terms of memory capacity or certain specific software programs. However, the iPad does offer apps and portability that traditional computers don't, and can word process, do presentations and make videos, and most other functions of a traditional computer. For the majority of classwork, the iPad is an ideal device.

Implementing the iPad into education

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Use in the high school language arts classroom

Specific Apps

  • Reading Apps such as Kindle, iBooks. The apps are free, and while some books cost money, some of the books on here are free to download and read, providing a great source of inexpensive literature.
  • Dictionary and Thesaurus apps are free.
  • iBrainstorm is a free note taking app that allows students to take notes on sticky notes and color code them and arrange them on a cork board, which would help kinesthetic learners

Apps geared toward teachers

  • Educreations is a free app, and allows the iPad to be used like a whiteboard, allowing the teacher to record notes and commentary, and these lessons can be posted online
  • Common Core Standards gives an overview of the common core standards for math and ELA for all grades. This is a free app

  • Teachkit is a free app that acts as a teacher organizer, keeping track of lessons, grades, and students.

These sites have some more great apps for use in the ELA classroom

iWrite, iRead, iPads

iPads in the classroom


Using the iPad in Education


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The following video is an interview from teachers about their iPad integration. It is about an hour long

iPads in Education Tales from the Classroom