Thursday's Thoughts

January 11, 2017

House meetings will begin tomorrow at 1:30. Because it is supposed to rain, we will meet with two houses in the gym and two houses in the cafeteria. Amistad and Fidelis will meet in the cafeteria. Reveur and Isibindi will meet in the gym. We will be taking our house pictures during this time so wear your house colors! :-)

ESOL Testing is February 5th

Our ESOL students will test February 5th. Let's encourage them as much as we can to do well on this test. Please write sticky notes to our students encouraging them to be confident and work hard during testing. We will place these sticky notes on their computers the day of testing. Also, we plan to have a pizza party for them the Friday before testing to further encourage them. Please continue to help them with their speaking skills by encouraging them to always speak clearly and in complete sentences.

Getting Ready for Testing

We are in the process of planning for spring testing. Testing begins May 10th with 3rd grade. All students will take their tests on their iPads. New iPads will be delivered in the next couple of weeks. The district is purchasing keyboards for every student. This will allow students to test on the device with which they are most familiar and enable all classes to test in their classrooms.

The district is taking measures to try to make sure their will be no problems with students testing on iPads. In order to test this, 3rd grade students only will take the reading MAP test on January 31st. They will take this test on their iPads in their classrooms in order to give the internet a "stress" test. We will begin testing at 8:30. Again, this is only 3rd grade and is only for testing purposes. My hope is that everything will go fine and that we will be able to use the scores to help us further prepare our students for SCReady testing. If you have questions, please let me know.

Letters of Intent are due to Reggie tomorrow morning.

Grid Paper

Christie Shealy discussed the benefits of students using grid paper for scratch paper during the math portion of SCReady. This paper helps students to correctly align math problems and is beneficial during the geometry portion of the test. I have ordered grid paper for grades 3-5 and will place it in your boxes. Please begin to have your students use this paper to work out their problems so that they will be used to it by May.

Support Documents

Please make sure you have looked at the Support Documents on the State Department website for your grade level standards.

Reading Passages

Remember that students will use printed passages for testing. Please help students become used to this by printing passages and having them answer questions on their iPads just as they will do in May.


I hope you enjoy your long weekend. Tuesday is a work day in classrooms. I know you don't get many days where you can work in your rooms, so I hope it will help. This will be good time to make sure you are on track to cover your standards by the end of the year, organize areas in your room that may need new organization, make some creative plans to help students grasp a concept they have been struggling with, and other tasks we just don't have the time to complete. If you plan to take a day Tuesday, please let me know.


There is a stomach bug going around among other illnesses. Continue to wipe down areas of your room with Clorox wipes including the door handles. Leave your door open when leaving for the day so that your rooms can air out. If a child is sick and you feel that their parents need to be called, please send them to the office with the note stating that parents need to be called.

I placed lice spray in your boxes earlier this week. Use the spray periodically and keep coats separated to help with the spread of lice.

See you tomorrow! Happy house color Friday!

Upcoming Dates:

January 15th: No School

January 16th: Teacher Work Day. The pastor from the local Wesleyn Church will be around to give you treats!

January 18th: Mr. Havird will be here meeting with the Teachers of the Year in our library.

January 19th: SLO meetings during planning, F & P Levels due (send form to me and Stacey and update data wall).

January 22nd: End of 2nd nine weeks

January 25th: Open House 5:00-6:45

January 26th: 2nd nine weeks House winner party

January 31st: Charlotte's Web