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Megan Angle's Christmas Rodan and Fields Newsletter

I made the Top 16!!

Thanks to all of you who ordered in the month of October. I was featured as one of the top 16 sales consultants based off monthly sales for October. This was my first time to hit this achievement! Considering our team has over 500 consultants I feel very honored! So thank you thank you for using and liking the products!! This month's issue is all about Holiday Gift Giving. We have many products that would be great gifts. As a reminder you can have 1 shipment per month of $80 or more and still get the free shipping! Msg me if you need any help with buying for your loved ones!

Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

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Fact or Fiction?: Some people are just born with Freckles

FICTION. No one is born with freckles—they’re all the result of sun damage. Freckles come from ultraviolet radiation reacting with melanocytes and causing them to become enlarged and overactive. Over time, this increased melanocyte activity causes the formation of brown spots in adults and “liver spots,” also known as “age spots,” in the elderly.

The rays responsible for freckles are UVA rays, which are commonly referred to as the aging rays (think A for “aging”). They’re the long rays that penetrate deeply into the dermis and cause damage over time. They have the ability to destroy collagen and elastin, causing wrinkles and sagging. While some may have a genetic tendency to form freckles, sun exposure is the key factor that causes them to manifest. That’s why freckles are typically darker in the summer yet may fade almost completely in the winter.

The same process that causes freckles in youth causes age spots in advancing age. The dark spots—most present on sun-exposed areas like the face, arms and back of hands—are simply larger, more prominent versions of freckles. Once discoloration is present, it’s often permanent unless treated, and it will only get darker and more pronounced with continued sun exposure.

To target these signs of premature aging—including freckles, dark spots, discoloration and more—try the REVERSE Regimen. The Regimen exfoliates, lightens, brightens and protects your skin. “Brown spots” typically indicate excessive sun exposure, meaning it’s time you limit your time in the sun and slather on a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin. Try REVERSE Broad Spectrum SPF 50+, which not only defends against UV rays but also contains SHIELDrf sunscreen technology to fight the signs of photo-aging and licorice and mulberry to help brighten dull skin.

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And the winner is...

This month's winner of the microdermabrasion paste is Chelsea Molina. Congrats Chelsea! I will be sending your product to you soon. This month's giveaway is the coveted eye cream!! It's a top selling product for a reason! How do you qualify for this prize? Place an order of $80 or more for an entry.