Josef Mengele

By Autumn Williams

The SS German Officer

Josef Mengele (The Angel Of Death) was born March 16, 1911. He was an SS German officer and a physician during World War I. With just a flick of his finger he decided your fate. Whether it was to be killed or be put to work. He was also a scientist that experiments on people.

Calling All Twins

As soon as the Jews were transported to the camps, the first thing that happened is that all twins were separated from their families and taken to the testing facility. They did not know if it was a good thing or not. Some parents would announce their twins, some family members or friends would announce them, but some were successfully hidden and walked into the gas chamber with their mother. Over three thousand twins were taken, mostly children. Only 200 individuals of the 3,000 survived the terrible experiments. Since they were "Mangles Children" they were treated differently. They were usually allowed to keep their hair and their clothes. But if you were a twin you had a lot more worries than losing your hair.

The Type Of Experiments

The Ones That Never Made It Will Be Remembered Forever

Why Did they Use The Experiments?

The SS officer experimented on the twins because they thought that twins could unravel the secrets of genetics. They were also trying to create the "perfect german" which that meant blue eyes and blonde hair