McKinney High School

Newsletter to students and parents

My name is Curtis Christian and I teach Photo I, Photo II and AP Photo courses at McKinney High School, as well as coach girls basketball and track & field.

Normally you will be receiving a weekly email to have an update on what is going on during the week, we are all getting our feet back under us after summer. I'll do my best to keep it brief.


Just to give a little info about your child's teacher:

I am a native of McKinney and graduated from McKinney High School. Actually, my father, mother and an uncle all at some point taught at McKinney High School. However, they all teach math. Oops..

When I was a student in McKinney I stayed involved with basketball and the award winning broadcasting and yearbook programs.

I earned my Bachelor's degree from Abilene Christian University where I studied Multimedia and Secondary Education. I was also a tour guide for the campus and photographer for the student produced paper at ACU.

In my free time I could be found either be traveling, camping, enjoying nature, playing a game of pick-up basketball or eating Chipotle.

I love photography and spreading the wealth of knowledge and I am fortunate enough to have combined two passions of mine and made it into a "job."


Photo I

This week Photo I has started their first official project, take photos of forks. This project will have the students combining all the information they have learned the past couple of week to create high-quality photography. So far the students have learned about photocomposition, exposure settings and white balance. This project will finish at the end of the week. Harass them about bringing some of their images home and you'll have some nice photos to frame in the kitchen!

Take a look below to see some excellent examples of photos take in past projects.

AP Photo

This week we are continuing a project that is inspired by the blog and book by the title of "Humans of New York." Our "Humans of McKinney High School" is both a review of controlling settings and a transition project to the more artistic style that is required of the AP Photo course. The students are taking portraits of students and faculty on the MHS campus. This project will finish at the end of the week. Always get your kids to bring some of the work home, you've got some talented kids!

Weekly Expectation

It may brief at times, but I aim to get a newsletter out to you each week so that you are informed on what we are doing. Photo class is supposed to fun, but there can be a lot to learn as well. Let'a all be the same page to make your kids successful!

Curtis Christian

Contact me if you ever have questions about the courses (or questions about photography in general)