An Interview with Ms.Dawson

By Shayn Walker


Ms.Dawson attended school at Texas State University in San Marcus, Texas. She received her bachelor's degree in fine arts with a major in painting (not teaching). Since she wanted to become a high school art teacher (which is the only type of teaching she's done) she had to get a alternative teaching certificate. Then her career as an Art 1/2/3/3PAP teacher began!


Grade levels include:
  • Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior
Classes include:
  • Art I
  • Art II
  • Art III / Art III PAP
  • Art 4 PAP
Ms.Dawson is a committed art teacher who has been teaching for about 11 years now, and works about 45-50 hrs/week, (not including weekends which sometimes consist of traveling out of town or coming up to the school for contests, such as vase, or for art club). This job requires a lot of motivation. On a scale of 1-10 she claims this job requires at least a 9.8! During her classes she will walk around the room (which is covered in painting she's made) and ask students if they need any help and critiques the students work to help them make it better.




Ms.Dawson has an attention span like a Goldfish


  • Dedicated-works inside and out of school on her work (sometimes student work)
  • Skilled- Many paintings of her own on her classroom walls
  • Compassionate- loves to teach kids how to draw and ways to improve
Biggest Challenge

  • Multi-tasking/organization- switches art levels through out the day
Biggest Reward

  • Seeing what students have accomplished and helping students gain more confidence