Branch Rickey and the hard baseball

By: Sarah Myers

Branch Rickey finds a negro to put in the major leagues!

Branch Rickey was talking to Robinson and saying that many people will be against them. He said that no one would be able to fight for them nor could they fight for themselves. He told Robinson that he is only doing this because he is very good at baseball.

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(Jackie Robinson to the left and Branch Rickey to the right)

A hard crowd

“They’ll taunt and goad you, Mr. Rickey said. They’ll do anything to make you react. They’ll do anything to provoke a race riot in the ballpark. This is the way to prove to the public that a negro should not be allowed in the major league.” (Robinson # 292) Branch Rickey preservers through a tough crowd.

The box score

Branch Rickey was also talking to Robinson about the box score. Robison says that’s all that counts. Mr. Rickey replies by saying that it’s all that should count but, it isn’t and maybe, hopefully one day it will be.

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This represents that Branch Rickey had much to do with baseball.

Rickey needs Robinson to have guts

“I know you’re a good ball player.” Branch Rickey barked “What I don’t know is if you have the guts.” He said to Robinson. (Robinson page # 294) Rickey doesn't know what to expect with Robinson.


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