HEI Flyer

By: Mason Emmel

Land HEI: Monoculture

Most mass producing farmers have monoculture's, which are larch plots of land with the same crop planted over and over every year. Eventually, the natural minerals will run out not allowing the farmer to grow crops there anymore, so they will go and clear another plot of land to use instead or use fertilizer. This is one of the main causes of desertification in many countries around the world.

Water HEI: Fertilizer Pollution

Fertilizer is the artificial or organic material farmers put on their soil once in is degraded. Fertilizer pollute the water by runoff into bigger bodies of water, these large amounts of Nitrogen rich fertilizer creates algae blooms. These algae blooms create an un-livable conditions for almost all fish, because the algae uses up all the oxygen in the water.


Land HEI

  • Desertification
  • Soil nutrients are degraded
  • Soil Acidification
  • Over Fertilization (Does Not Always Happen)

Water HEI

  • Dead Zones
  • Kills Animals
  • Poisons Water Table

What the Future Holds

Land HEI

With increased use of monoculture there will be deserts created and deserts enlarged, unless farmers can learn how to treat the soil so they can use it over and over there will be deserts.

Water HEI

With the continued popularity of fertilizer more bodies of water will be affected and become "Dead Zones" in which no life can live. Though their is hope because there are many scientists working solve this problem, but until there is a solution there will be continued adding to the water pollution.


What is the main nutrient is fertilizer?

How is fertilizer pollution affecting water bodies around farms?