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Amber Shaw & family

All About Us

My name is Amber Shaw and I am a 39 year old mother of 4, a student, a government employee, and a USAF disabled veteran. My husband is in the army as a combat engineer and works a K-9 mine detection team as well. We both have two tours under our belts, his to Afghanistan and mine to Saudi Arabia. I guess it was fate for us to meet a partner who knows so well the lives we have led and the sacrifices we are willing to make. For this and so many other reasons we make a very good team.
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Married The Best Man Around!

Fatefully (and fortunately) met my husband 9 years ago through a plutonic ad in Craigslist. I had moved back to my hometown with my then 6 year old daughter and didn't know anything about the amenities offered for kids (best schools, athletic programs, parenting groups, etc). I wanted to focus on parenting, was not interested in dating, and frankly was a bit jaded after my divorce 2 years prior. My (now) husband is one of the people who responded to my ad, and the rest is history!

Our Older Children Now

Where We Are Now

Our New Addition!

After much talking with our children and getting positive feedback, we attempted to conceive a baby but didn't have much luck. We decided to try one round of IVF and were recently able to welcome to our family a baby boy who we named Sentry. Sentry was a fitting name for many reasons; our military affiliation in sentry positions, and a sentry is a protector and guardian. Our older children absolutely adore him and we have had so much fun in this new experience for our family. Life is good.

Battle Buddies

No matter what comes at our family, I'm glad to be able to have my husband next to me to help us through it. We have great kids who are successful at being confidently themselves, we have a cohesive family that works together most of the time but when it hits a bump, we are all able to be pliable and receptive to working it out, and we all respect one another. What more can we ask for?

On to the next chapters!

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