Catholic Gators Student Leaders

Weekly Update - February 7, 2016

Hey Student Leaders!

Happy Sunday! And happy super bowl Sunday! May your team sport to the best of their sporting ability!

A Parking Lot Update

This is especially important for those of you who drive here for things:

Beginning tomorrow, Monday Feb. 8, the St. A's parking lot we all know and sort of love (minus the potholes) will be closed for construction. The construction company has provided parking for us at the lot on University in between the Episcopal Student Center and the Baptist Student Center (on 15th). There will be 30 spots a day Monday-Friday. Use those for Mass and meetings, especially during the day. Sunday parking will be there also; 150 spots.

On top of those 30 spots, city parking is lifted after 5pm unless otherwise noted. There are lots of places around the church where city parking will be available for evenings. For large events, we can arrange walkovers from the O'Connell Center. Your lovely co-coordinators have created an awesome graphic with other parking ideas. As soon as the final touches have been put on it, we'll make it widely available.

What does this mean for you guys? The need to plan ahead, most definitely. Perhaps some minor headache and inconvenience. But we're here to help you with all that! If you have questions about this or unsure about what it might mean for your ministry, please shoot me or any of the CSC staff an email or a text. We want to plan with you and think creatively with you! You all are rock stars, and together we've got this!

A few things you can do:

  • Carpool! Good for the environment, good for making new friends, good for your stress levels
  • Help new Catholic Gators find parking nearby or offer to drive them
  • Gentlemen, this is your hour to step up! Please look after the ladies; make sure they aren't walking to their cars alone at night. Ladies, I know you are strong and capable young women, but I also know that the world is a dangerous place to be a woman sometimes. Let the gentlemen be gentlemen and accompany you!
  • It's going to be really tempting at times to grumble and complain and be cranky. When that happens, turn it to good! Offer it up and pray for the parish, for the Catholic Gators, and for Mission 10,000.

This Week in Catholic Gators

Monday, February 8

  • Tabling on campus! 11am-3pm. Drop by Turlington and spread the Good News!
  • Jam Session! 6:30-8:30pm in Hurley. Do you sing or play an instrument? Come rock out with the Music Ministry!

Tuesday, February 9

  • Music Practice! - 4:30pm for the 5:30pm Mass, in the Library. Come lend your voice to the Lord!
  • Newman Club! - 6:15pm in the Lounge. Come out for some jambalaya! It's Fat Tuesday!

Wednesday, February 10

  • Ash Wednesday! Friendly reminder that Ash Wednesday is a day of fasting (two small meals and one larger meal) and abstinence (no meat). Mass is here at 7am, 12pm, 5:30pm and 7:30pm, and ON CAMPUS at the Plaza of the Americas at 12pm!
  • Ministry Formation - 10pm in the Church. It's classes tonight!

Thursday, February 11

  • CSF Presents a Marriage Panel! 6:15pm in the lounge. Come hear from married couples about their views on dating, discernment, and living out their vocation to marriage!

Saturday, February 13

  • Grab a Date! More details to come!

Looking Forward

1. Alpha Retreat! Feb. 19-21. It's filling up fast! Register in the front office

2. Eucharistic Congress! March 11-12 in Jacksonville. Chris Stefanik, Leah Darrow, Fr. Mitch Pacwa, and more! More details to come

3. FIRE Retreat 2016: Lord, I want to See! April 1-3. Registration opens this week!!