Division Steps

Dividing with decimals and whole numbers

How to Divide

1. Estimate the problem. Round the second number before the first. Then round the first number to something close to the original number but something that the first number you rounded can evenly go into.

2. Then, divide it.

3. Set up your problem.

4. Identify your divisor and dividend. The first number in the problem is the dividend and the second number is the divisor.

5. Make a division house and put your dividend in it. Next, put your divisor on the side of the house. Also, if your number is a decimal bring the decimal point directly up on top of the house.

6. Look at the dividend's first number and see if your divisor can go into it. If it can't look at the first and second number together and see if your divisor can go into it. Repeat this step until you find a number your divisor can go into.

7. See how many times your divisor can go into it. Write how many times your divisor goes into it above the last digit of the number it goes into.

8. When you multiply to find how many times the number goes into it use your product by subtracting it from the number it goes into.

9. Bring down the next number in the problem and put it next to your difference so it makes a larger number.

10. Repeat steps 7 through 9 until there are no more numbers to bring down.

11. If your number is a decimal then add a zero and bring it down until the difference from subtracting is a zero.

12. If your number is not a decimal and your difference is not zero your difference is a remainder so put it beside your answer on the top of the house with an R in front of it.

13. The number on top of the house is your quotient.