Tuesday Encouragement


Make today a great day!

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We are officially starting our 4th full week of a new school year. The Honeymoon phase is wearing off and we are getting to know our learners more each day.... good and bad. There have been a lot of purposeful discussions about the past because every year is a little different, but today I would like to challenge each of us (myself included) to look ahead with the future in mind. Where can we take our students this year? How far can we push them to excel? What can and will be different for them this year? How can I make this school year positive for each of my students?

I'm sure you are already thinking of these things. I just want to remind each of you how influential you are in the future of your students' lives. If you believe that they have potential for growth, they will most likely begin to believe that with you! Maybe for students who had a rough year last year, let's help them put that behind them and build a new, exciting future this year!