Grade 8 History

Canada 1890-1914: A Changing Society

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1) Minds On: students will look at the Thomas Moore photo below, turn and talk to a partner about what they see, then generate questions as a class

Based on what you see in this photo, what do you want to know about the experiences, challenges and perspectives of groups of Canadians between 1890 and 1914?
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2) Students visit the site the photo came from*

- work in partners to navigate and evaluate site (is this a valid source of information? Why or why not? How do you know?)

* this photo may be found on a number of websites, but I want the students to evaluate this particular site

3) Co-construct criteria for evaluating a website

What counts when we are deciding whether a website is a valid source of information?

4) Compare

Students compare criteria to checklist provided in Think Literacy (p.20) "Evaluating Information Sources". Add to or change criteria as necessary.
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