Unit Two: Enduring Understanding

By Kenzie Hume

Humans migrate...

Migration for humans means people travel from one area to a new area in hopes to live there temporarily or permanently. More often than not, this migration occurs through moving from one country to another.
Reasons to Migrate...

  • War in home country
  • Better job opportunities elsewhere
  • Lack in services
  • Doesn't feel safe or protected in country
  • Crime rates are high
  • Weather
  • Poverty
  • Failure to produce crops
  • Want to be closer to family
  • Flooding/drought in country
  • Want a more quality life
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Real World Example

When the weather gets cold, birds fly south to keep themselves warm.

How I See Migration Connecting To The World Today

Social: Better service, move towards family, better quality of life

Environmental: Providing for family, weather, better climate

Political: Political security, getting away from war

Economic: Work opportunities,

How Migration Affects My Life

Reasons I May Migrate:

  • College in a different state, depending on what I am seeking
  • May move to warmer state such as California or Florida to get away from New England weather
  • May move down South because it is know as the Bible Belt
  • Get job in Massachusetts so that I am paid more per hour when working

Humans Create Cultural Mosaics...

Cultural mosaics contain languages, ethnic groups, and cultural traditions within a society or within a person them self.

Cultural mosaics represent what a person or society is and describes them can and their beliefs.

What You Might See In A Human Mosaic...

  • Hobbies
  • Religion
  • Activities they participate in
  • Places they like to be
  • People that may be important to them
  • Animals they like
  • Symbols that could represent them
  • Phrases that represent them as a human

Cultural Mosaics created by humans tend to either include multiple things that define them or come together to form one.
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Cultural Mosaics within a society lean towards showing who they are as a whole, rather than any small parts that contribute to them.
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Real World Example

This is a cultural mosaic for Canada.

How Cultural Mosaics Are Connecting To The World Today

A cultural mosaic helps describe a form of multiculturalism. These mosaics show what that country or society is about. Some mosaics include multiple different pieces whereas others stick to a similar theme.

How Cultural Mosaics Affect My Life

My cultural mosaic would include a vast selection of things I like or believe in.

Some examples include:

  • A cross, for I am a Christian and believe in Jesus
  • Dogs, because they are my favorite animal
  • A camera, because photography is a hobby of mine
  • The beach, for it is one of my favorite places to be
  • The Bowery Mission, because I have a heart to serve and go on missions

My cultural mosaic has many things that would define and describe who I am.

Humans Balance the Forces of Cooperation and Conflict Among Different Social Groups...

Within the different social groups, each group has a strength and weakness. Whether i's money, power, trust, or numbers in people, it is important to balance it out and cooperate to stray from conflict. Some social groups may cooperate with some but have conflicts with another. The balance of the forces is the key to having success.
What May Be Seen When Forces Are Balanced:

  • Peace
  • Trust
  • Agreement
  • Shared Power
  • Safety and Protection

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Real World Example

Buddhists, Hindus, Socialists, Fascists, Pacifists, Christians, and those of any other kind of religion may think of peace in different ways. Though their meanings differ, the concepts of peace, such as freedom, equality, and justice remain the same.

How Balance Of Cooperation And Conflict Affects The World Today

In countries all over the world, the lack of cooperation leads to extreme conflict within their government and society. If cooperation is too heavy and there is no conflict in return, the society or government could be corrupted. All over the world today places are seeking a balance to be made so that they can live in safety rather than in fear and ruin.

How Balance Of Cooperation And Conflict Affects My Life

Nothing in life can function without having at least one set back. In life, people need to cooperate with each other to be in community. There will always be conflict but as long as the conflict does not greatly outweigh the cooperation, it shouldn't be an issue.

Power shifting

Power shifting is when different social groups take over the control or power. If one group had the power and everyone saught them, but then another group came out of no where and persuaded people enough to side with them, that would be an example of power shifting.

bullets and ballots game

What Social Group:

I was part of the Guerillas. We wanted the power of the people. We believed that all people should have equal rights. A democracy is what we wanted, and we strayed far from a communism. We wanted the Peasants and Government on our side and did not care about the Army/Wealthy. During the game we started out persuading the other social groups to come to our side. Soon after, our two main speakers were killed by the Army. That's when our power started to decrease and the others did not want to side with us.

Examples Of Power Shifting:

  • Guerillas had more power over Army in the sense of gaining people
  • Army killed a total of four people, causing Guerillas and Government to sink
  • Two members of the Guerillas made treaties and moved to a different social group
  • Peasants ended up siding with Army/Wealthy

How Power Shifted/ How Conflict and Cooperation Occurred

Power shifted once members started getting killed. Once there weren't strong spokesmen defending our social group, the Guerillas lost power. Army/Wealthy quickly gained power because they were able to do so many things that all other social groups couldn't.

Cooperation occurred when treaties were signed. Between the Peasants and Army/Wealthy, they agreed to keep protection and MSUs if Peasants joined. Same goes for the Guerilla, me, when I joined the peasants.

Conflict occurred when it became difficult to persuade the other social groups. It also occurred when key players got killed and could no longer support the group.