Awakening Your Inner Artist...

Why Art Teachers Should Make Art

Molly Wiste

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@timneedles Tim recently lead the #TERPart

@nichaun, very collabrative / sharing work with other art teachers

@artwithMrE, very collaborative and responsive on twitter

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I suggest searching groups specific to your medium...

I am a part of:

Chainsaw Carvers:

Women Chainsaw Carvers:

Acrylic Painting:

The options are endless, just keep in mind that some of these groups are large, and you may not get feedback that is as honest as you would from a smaller group who knows you better.

Other Ideas...

Search out ways to find your passion...

Try an AOE Studio Course

Take a local art class through community ed

Find an art mentor to teach you a new medium

Find friends that want to make art with you

Make a dedicated space at your house for you to create

Find Sketchbook ideas on pinterest, here's my board: