Lv technology

by whittaker warren

Typing web

During this unit I was trying to type my best.You could have these cool backgrounds while typing.Typing while having backgrounds is a cool experince.


You can be a director in this unit.By using your ipad you can direct your own trailer.So get out there and be a movie star!

Haiku deck

In this unit you write about your dream job.You can add pictures,videos,or what ever you want.Your the writer of this project,so good luck.

Explain Everything

You solve math in this unit on explain everything.You choose a math problem,and you solve it.Get out there and be a genius.

Career locker

You find out what your future career is.Watch videos,do activities,and all that stuff.Find out what your future career is in this unit.


You make your own video games in this unit.With all the cool courses you can roam freely.So have fun out there and good luck.