Dr Howard Marans Expert in Internal

Dr. Howard Marans: Expert in Internal Fixation Procedures

Fractured bones or dislocated joints arising from injuries may require surgery that involves internal fixation. Internal fixation is a surgical procedure which involves attaching a device to a bone in order to stabilize it and help it heal or regain functionality of joints. Dr. Howard Marans has performed many of these operations and has the capability of performing them to restore the patient’s normal functions.

Internal fixation specifically involves attaching implants, such as plates, rods or pins, to fractured or separated bone parts through open-reduction surgery, allowing the surgeon to reach the injured bone parts and realigning or restoring their normal position and fixing them in place using the implants. At most one week in the hospital is required for patients before they are discharged. Normally, physical therapy is required in order to attain fast recovery and allow patients to go back to their normal activities.

Most simple fractures, however, do not require open reduction and internal fixation. Dr. Marans recommends casting the injured part and keeping it immobile so that the bone can repair itself. In more serious fractures, immediate medical care and surgery must be undertaken in order to facilitate the healing and restore the motor ability of the patient as well as the strength of the muscles of the injured parts.

Immediate medical attention should be given to severe orthopedic cases in order to prevent aggravation, such as, compartment syndrome, a “life-threatening and limb-threatening condition in which pressure in a muscle compartment builds up to dangerous levels”. Also, there are cases when bones fail to heal and rejoin, thus, requiring further medical attention. In other cases, bones heal but in a misaligned fashion. Proper medical care, such as what Dr. Marans provides, will help prevent the occurrence of these conditions.

Some patients also encounter nerve damage due to bone injuries. Immediate attention is needed in order to repair the damaged nerves. Finally, infection may result when fractured bones penetrate the skin and left exposed for some time. Again, prompt medical procedure is needed to arrest the onset of greater infection to the wound and repair the injury.

Thanks to Dr. Howard Marans and his staff, patients who require their specialized medical care have someone to turn to for proper treatment and full recovery.