Your favourite NRL players

There top moments

Your favourite players!

Your favourite players in the NRL are here. See there top moments, watch there amazing tricks and enjoy

Benji Marshall

Benji Marshall is an fascinating player with his dazzling no look flick passes and his perfect foot work. See the daily M and international five-eighth of the years top moments now.

Benji Marshall - Top 20 Magic Moments

Benji plays for the west tigers

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And the NZ kiwis

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Billy Slater

Billy Slater is probalbly the best fullback at the moment. Like Benji, Billy has the best moments to show. He shows and tells you why he was 2011 fullback of the year and the daily M winner.

Billy plays for Melbourne Storm

22 Moments that shaped Billy Slaters Career (HD)
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And Queensland State of Origin

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And the Aussie Kangaroos

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Jonathan Thurston

Jonathan Thurston [known as JT] is a halfback and can play five-eighth whos footwork is amazing and matches the perfection of Benji Marshall and Billy Slater. JT will never miss out on the most amazing moments in NRL history. Watch the players top moments

Johnathan Thurston Highlights

Jonathan plays for the north queensland cowboys

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And the queensland origin team

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And the Aussie Kangaroos

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The footy show

NRL includes lots of laughter and that is why they have the footy show. Fatty Vautin is a former NRL player and is the footy show host, together with his team, talk everything rugby. Except when they get into funny mode. The Footy show includes look a likes, Beau knows,SBW tv, and much more...

"The footy show is the funniest show in the world"

Best Of NRL Footy Show 2005 Part 1

Learn Jonathan Thurstons laugh

Jonathan Thurstons Laugh

Beau sure knows everything

The Best of Beau Knows

I just got interupted by SBW tv

SBW TV- Footy Show 13/6/13

Meet the players!

Theres always an opportunity to meet the players. Well read this below

Meet your favourite players such as Tim Manah and much more eels players