Watauga County


It's Great!

Watauga is located in the mountains of N.C with a population just over 53,000. It borders Tennessee and is home to Appalachian State. Watauga County was founded in 1849 and was named after the Watauga River. We are surrounded by Caldwell, Ash, Wilkes, and Avery Counties.

Our Amazing Goverment!

If you come to our productive Board of Commissioners meetings, you'll understand just how much we do for the county. We put new budgets for the county into play, set taxes, and make sure that you get every service that is needed for your everyday life in Watauga. John Welch is the chairman of the BOC which is consisted of 4 others as well totaling to 5 members. They hold elections every 4 years. Our wonderful Chief Administrator is Deron Geouque. Working beside these folk are so many other departments. Some of them are Sheriffs Office, Fire and Emergency, Finance, Soil and Water, and Veteran Services.

Our Landmarks.

Grandfather Mountain is the highest point in Watauga at an elevation of 5,964 feet. It is a popular hiking and camping spot along with the surrounding mountains and the Blue Ridge. Another great attraction is App. State's great football team and the Tweetsie Railroad.

Town of Boone!

Boone, named after the Danial Boone, was established in 1872. It currently is the County's Seat. Our council is made up of 5 members hold 4 year terms. Our mayor is Rennei Brantz. Our town Manager is John Ward. Our biggest attraction is App State. It's a small town of around 17,000 people.
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