Foundations 1-Literature Class

March 15, 2016-

Spring Break NEXT Week!

Woot, woot! Next week we will not meet for class. There is homework due when we return. Please help your student finish the year strong!

PJ Day for the Girls!!

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Those Crazy Kids!

You gotta love it when they are all dying to jump into the discussion on The Giver! This book lends itself to some weighty talks when you pull back all the layers of the story! Both classes covered a wide variety of topics including sanctity of life, the value of individuals, what makes a meaningful life, socialism, idols, God, worldview, freedom, choice, and the list goes on! Love this book and these kids!
Everyone wants to answer
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Wendy Blankinship

Foundations 1-Literature Class

Tuesdays 9-10:30; 1-2:30


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