Online Presentations

Everything You Need to Know to Hold Virtual Events

Conducting Product Demos Online!

Separate your 100-person list into two categories: local and not-local. These virtual events are easy and a great way to host presentations for people who do not live locally!

One key is to keep the groups small. Try to keep it under 15 guests. Just like a face-to-face group presentation, people will not ask questions or comment if there are too many in the "room."

I think the style that works best is presenting live just like you would do an in-person group presentation and use Zoom or Facebook Live. Have the host call all the guests and follow-up with a RedStamp invite.

You can use Zoom or Facebook Live in conjunction with a Facebook event, if desired. DO not just invite (or have your host just invite) a bunch of people to a Facebook event without their acceptance that they want to participate. Nobody likes being added to a FB event without being asked so they should call, text or email to get their permission first.

If using Zoom, paste the Zoom link into the Facebook event, add some pictures and information for your guests. If you are familiar with Facebook Live, you can also use that. You can also make it fun and have some booking games, etc. just like you would in person.

  • Practice before your first virtual event so you can get your timing down to 15-20 minutes. You don't really want the presentation to run longer than 30 minutes total. People typically have a shorter attention span when they are online.

  • Login to Zoom 15-20 minutes before to get set up and and start socializing with guests as soon as they join. Get to know your audience.

Start the presentation promptly at the time indicated. It's a great idea to ask everyone, "If you could change one thing about your health, what would it be?" Go around and have everyone answer. This is a great ice breaker.

See examples (videos) below.

If you have a Host: At the end of the event after you have gone over the ways they can join Arbonne, thank the Host and let them know that you will be sending them their Host gift (have it with you so you can show them what it is). Let each guest know you will give them a call directly to take their order and thank all guests for joining.

As an alternative, you can ask at the end: Are you a 1, 2 or 3?

  1. I want to try the products; they sound amazing!
  2. I'm interested in the products and in the business opportunity
  3. I'm ready to fully commit to an Arbonne business (jumping in right away like a cannon ball)

Then say, "If you're a 1 or a 2, I will connect with you immediately after the we end the Zoom meeting. If you're a 3, stay on - I'm going to help you get signed up and answer any questions you have."

For people that couldn't make it on, ask them, "If I sent you the recording, would you watch it?" If Yes, send them the link and secure the next touch point with them so you can follow-up and get their order/next steps.


Online Product Demo Both RE9 & Nutrition

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Have your presentation flipbook in front of you, too, highlighted with what you plan to say.


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You Can Also Present in a "Live Demo" way like Susan Kilborn is Doing in These

Healthy Living Presentation Example
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