Vacation of Liesel Meminger

By: Morgan Cummings

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Liesel Meminger-About Her

Liesel was a girl who lost her brother right before heading into her new home. Along with her brothers death, her mother was very sick as well. Now as she grasps on to her new papa, she learns to read with great passion and meets a couple of new friends along the way.
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1st picture explanation

This picture represens one of the book Max writes and gives to Liesel. It is called "The Standover Man". I think Liesel would take this with her because from the novel it states," Now I think we are friends, the girl and me" which means it was the first time Liesel looked towards max as a friend.
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2nd Explanation

This picture is the rolled cigarettes that Liesel and her papa, Hans Hubermann, made together. During rough times, when Liesel felt sad and alone, Hans was the expert at cheering her up. One way was when he taught her how to roll his cigarettes. She would take this because when she was little it says that in the story,"There most definitely was value in him and it did not go unrecognized by Liesel Meminger.". So this is a symbol of her papa.
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3rd Explanation

Finally, I think she would take Max's sketchbook because when Rosa gave her this, she said,"I think you've always been ready Liesel. From the moment you arrived here, clinging to that gate, you were meant to have this.". This is important because it was one of the first loving moment Rosa and Liesel shared together and it is another great memory of Max.