Paella is a typical Spanish meal


The typical paella Valenciana in Spain, doesn´t have any fish in it.

The Valenciana paella is an authentic paella which is made with meat and fresh vegetables from the valencian región. Despite Valencia behing on the Mediterranean coast, seafood is not used in the Valencian paella. The paella is a typical food for the foreigners. the valenciana Paella is made with meat and vegetables but its a very rich and quite economical dish as the base ingredient is rice.


Meal for 6 people:
600 g of rice.
300 g of chicken meat.
200 g rabbit meat.
250 g of mixture of flat green beans and beans or "recipe".
1 can of crushed tomatoes.
1 tablespoon sweet paprika.
1 tablespoon coloring food or alternatively 13 tablespoon of
1 clove of garlic.
20 snails (can be frozen).
1 - 2 litres of chicken broth.
Virgin olive oil.


First you fry the ingredients in a pan you and water and you let the rice cook.

And sirve it to your liking.


we chose this recipy because we think it is interesting because it has rabbit and snails wich is a very interesting combination.

The only one of us who likes this meal is Arian. Azucena and Gala think it is discusting because it has snails and rabbit. But if you like these ingredients im shure you will love it.

Paella valenciana paso a paso