Images Of Urbanization In Late 1800

Experience of the rich and the poor in the late 1800s

What the poor kids did everyday for work in 1800s

The big reason poor kids started working at such a young age is because they needed earn money for there family's. plus the owners of the factory's hired little kids because they were able to fit in small places to clean the fabrics so that their would not be any fires. the kids worked long hours with little pay.

What the rich people did everyday for work in the 1800s

The average rich person mostly kept there business in line and running smoothly for example John D. Rockefeller he was the head of the oil companies and tricked others companies to help him

The living conditions of the poor people in the 1800s

There were at least 12 people in each cramped apartment.
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The living conditions of Rockefeller in 1880

As you can see Rockefeller lived a rich and happy life and lived in a huge house for example as shown in the picture the fire place, the highly expensive painting, the massive rug in the middle of the floor, the size of this room, the expensive couches and chairs.

What the poor did for leisure activities

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When the poor kids had some free time after work or after school sometimes they would gather their friends and some games like baseball or play a game of catch things like that.

What the rich did for leisure activities in the 1880

Most of the rich people in the 1880 had a lot of free time to do a lot of what they wanted to do for example have get together's, tea party's, or just normal proper party's things like that.