Slavery in America

By A.J. Muniz


Slavery was a big problem in the south, the slaves were treated bad they were beaten, starved, and taken from their family. They were forced to sleep on wooden pallets or the ground. They also were forced to eat out of troughs which were meant for the animals.

Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad is not underground or a railroad. It got its name because it was hidden in the darkness. The routes they took were called lines and the places they stopped at were called stations. The people that helped them were called conductors and the slaves were known as packages or freight. The routes ran through 14 northern states to the promised land which is Canada where they could live free, vote, and own land.


They sang songs to boost happiness and pass the time while they worked. They would sing songs to praise The Lord or to ask him for help and guidance. They put codes in the songs to relay secret messages to communicate with each other without the masters finding out. Most slave music can be grouped into 3 categories, Religious, Work, or Recreational.