October 2016

Keeping Your Eye on the Prize

So often in our schools the year begins with hope and promise. Then little by little we become spread thin. How do we stay focused on what comes first?

Several years ago I decided it was time to run a marathon. I had done my fair share of 5K's, 10K's and I even ran a couple of half-marathons. I was convinced that I could do this.

Late in the spring I registered online for the Grand Rapids Marathon. The date was mid-October and I was now committed! That summer I found a terrific schedule. I got up early, checked off my miles and felt great the rest of the day. My confidence was high.

Then the calendar turned to September.

School began and I felt pulled seven different ways to Sunday. My running was inconsistent, my confidence sagged and I started just trying to survive.

The same can be said in our schools. We often have terrific intentions, but one thing or another pulls us away. We end up in a mode of managing and not necessarily leading. We put out fire after fire, but we don't truly move forward.

Years ago I found myself entering into this rut. I snapped out of it by doing three things:

  1. I let go of some decisions. I began to empower others to lead. I knew for the building and myself I needed to relinquish some of the control. I had to trust and believe in my team.
  2. Balance. I stopped checking emails all night long. I prioritized my family and myself.
  3. Laugh! I felt defeated at times, it was important to keep my sense of humor and find things to laugh at. It really is true that laughter is the best medicine!

Looking back I successfully completed my first marathon. I'm grateful that I'm surrounded by supportive friends and a spouse that always believes in me. Each day I reminded myself to stay in the moment. One day at a time. These simple phrases help keep me focused on what's right in front of me.

I still have the medal and the shirt, and each time I look at it I see a reminder to Keep My Eye on the Prize!

Network and Collaborate

Back in early August SIG-Admin helped lead the 1st Leadership Mindshare. This truly was an event like no other. One of the most powerful takeaways from the conference was the open, honest dialogue amongst ALL-attendees. As we reflect on a fantastic event we don't want to let those connections become distant memories. You are all challenged to RE-CONNECT with at least one person you met during Leadership Mindshare. This could be through Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, Email, Text, send a hand written card or even meet up Face to Face! The connections are what make us stronger. Remember, it is always about relationships first!

If you were unable to make it to the Mindshare I hope you'll check out the Yearbook and I also encourage you to join the upcoming Twitter chat (more on this to follow).

Be sure to check out the Leadership Mindshare Yearbook:

Sig Admin #1

Student Technology Showcase at the Capitol

Wednesday, Dec. 7th, 12pm

Lansing, MI, United States

Lansing, MI

The 16th annual ATT/MACUL/MVU Student Technology Showcase at the Capitol is December 7, 2016 at the State Capitol Bldg. in Lansing, MI. Visit for more information.