Israel Conflicts

By The Cool, Awesome, Terrific, Fantastic, Jennifer Lee!

Critical Thinking

#1 Why do we have countries?

We have countries because if everything was one whole country, there would be political, personal, and physical disagreements. It also gives every country a chance to independence and avoid verbal or physical disagreements.

#2 What influences the boundaries between countries?

The boundaries between countries are influenced by the possibility of illegal activities. For example, the citizens of one country might go to another country without the government knowing.

#3 What conflicts may occur because of these boundaries?

The conflicts that can occur include, but are not limited to,countries may argue because they disagree on the border line and which is who's territory.


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Conflicts with the Palestineans

The Palestinian territory is located in the country of Israel. This may create many conflicts between the two regions. Most of the conflict is caused by the territory disagreements that have given the 2 regions reasons to violently argue with each other. The first serious "battle" was in 1987. The Palestinians of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, which was not as violent as the 2nd uprising in 2000. Often, there are news reports on the uprising and most of them are violent.

Origin Conflict

The Palestinians are mostly known for differences of religion with Israel. Discrimination is frequent because of this. The past population of Israel was 96% either Muslim or Christian. Now a days, since Israel is now a Jewish land, they are denying entrance to Israel to either original religions. This may make Israel 100% of the population Jewish in the future.

Prisons in Israel

Since the West Bank and the Gaza Strip is still land of Israel, Palestinians are having a hard time living without concern. Many of these concerns revolve around the religious difference that can lead to risking their own lives. Many Palestinians are are being imprisoned in Israel prisons. In these prisons, what happens to you can scar you for life. These Prisons don't provide protection and guards have access to physically abuse any of the prisoners. This is concerning many of the Palestinians. Many times they are kidnapped, beaten, and women in labor are forbidden to go to the hospital which can cause death, food and medicine are often blocked from entering the Palestinian territory, and sometimes the Palestinians are murdered.

Own Country

This situation is is still a problem today and throughout history. The Palestinians would like to become their own country, forming their own government and economy as well. This situation has caused violent uprisings. The only problem is that it has many problems if they do become independent. Political disagreements are caused, making the situation more complicated than it has to be.


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A group in Europe referred to as the Zionists, thought that they were superior to the Jewish religion. They decided to colonize a land that was the homeland to Jews in the late 1800's that is now Palestine. When settlement began, there was no conflict, but as it started progressing, the people there started to be alarmed and go against it. This led to Hitler's power an the ideas of sabotaging the Jews.

1940's War

In 1947-1949,there was a war between the Palestinians and the Israelis. What was unique about this war was that it was never on Israel's soil, it somehow was always on Palestinian territory. The Arab army only joined because of the Zionist's uprisings. At the end, three fourths of a million Palestinians were made refugees to Israel.

The West Bank

In the 6 day war in 1967, the West Bank was captured by Israel when it used to be a part of Jordan. It is officially under Israel rule but, 40% of the land is being occupied by the Palestinians. This creates conflict because the Palestinians are technically under rule by Israel.


The British won control of the Palestinian are in result of World War One. Israel was still independent and there were mostly Jews populating the area. Between then, the Palestinians would have violent uprisings that would go against the Jews. The Palestinians call it revolts, but the Jews say that they are physical attacks, that leave people harmed.