Ms. Ward's First Grade

Newsletter Week 4

Today is our 20th day of school! It's true, your children are 20 days smarter...20 days wiser... 20 days into being a first grader, and they are already pros : ) They are working together to learn and make sure everyone is on task, and I can tell that this year is going to be so productive! They are working hard to make their way toward 2nd grade-- 160 days of learning, coming right up!


The Poet-tree is a way for your child to work toward memorizing a poem that is connected to content we are working on in class. Not only will this help to solidify their understanding of the information, but it will allow them to build their reading fluency (reading how they speak), as well as their presentation skills. We have a few shy friends in the bunch, so no need to push them to recite the poem before they are ready! I want this to be a positive experience for everyone, and I know that all students work at their own pace.

Help your child to build confidence at home and really make sure they are ready before sending them to school to recite their poem. We have already had some poets blow me away!

The punctuation song

DAILY 5 (now Daily 4!!!)

We are THRILLED to be introducing our 4th option for Daily 5... Word Work! This choice allows the students to work with spelling words, popcorn words, and vocabulary words independently at school. They can use various materials to build, write, stamp, draw, mold, paint (the list goes on) their words. Right now, the only materials we are using are our whiteboards and magnetic letters. In this part of Daily 5, the students manipulate words in order to become better readers, writers, and spellers... and also because it's fun! Check out the behaviors expected during Word Work, and for extra practice, review them with your child at home!

Students: choose materials and set up in a quiet place; stay in one spot; work the whole time; get started quickly!


As we continue our unit on capitalization and punctuation the students are perfecting their editing skills. Each day my morning message is full of "errors" that the children correct. We recite our poems and practice our popcorn words before starting our Daily Five.

This week we started talking about nouns. The students teamed up and went on a "noun hunt" around the school to find people, places, things, and animals. Next week, we will work together to create our very own "Noun Town" where people, things, and animals like to live!

Spelling Test Booklets will come home every Friday for you to review how your child did on their spelling test. Please send this back each Monday.

New spelling words will be in the agenda today for next Friday. Please continue to practice these at home. The words your child is bringing home is based on a specific literary need (short vowels, digraphs, blends, etc.) and will help your child's English language development as well as provide a foundation for further vocabulary.

Everyday Math

We finished our first unit in math this week! The students should now have a solid understanding of the order of numbers between 0 and 20 and be able to count forward and backwards. The students can compare numbers to tell which is greater or less, and represent numbers in different ways, such as in tally marks or pictures. We used numbers between 0 and 10 in simple number stories to sold real life problems, and used tally marks to record real life data. Students were introduced to the thermometer and weather this week, and we will be recording those daily.

Next week, we will be starting Unit 2! We will introducing number girds to work with numbers between 0 and 100, as well as calculators as a tool to aid in counting and computing.


We are still concentrating on our unit about people. We can name our body parts and their functions including our senses, and now we will learn about how people change as they grow. To help us with this idea, please send a photograph of your child as a baby on Monday, September 9. We will display the photos and make educated guesses to determine whose baby photo belongs to whom. This will help solidify the concept that certain features stay the same regardless of age, and from this activity, students will be able to draw a picture to project our future selves.


Next week, Daniela Guedez will be our Star Student! Her birthday is Monday, September 9... which is the same day as Ms. Medina!! If you see either of them on their special day, wish them a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Please bring a healthy snack and water bottle every day with your child.

MAP testing this week will be Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of next week. Please be sure your child gets a great night's sleep and eats a healthy breakfast!

The RAZ-kids website is a read to self option for your child when counting reading time in homework every day. It is not mandatory but it is encouraged as a literary resource.

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Ward : )