Killer Whales

Help Save Killer Whales from Captivity


Killer Whales are always getting captured and put into captivity. We need to help them. Killer Whales that arent in captivity live up to 50 years of age but when they are in captivity the live 20-30 years. 

Whats happening?

By catching Killer Whales we are slowly killing them. Some people may think that Killer Whales eat people so that means that we shouldnt save them, but Killer Whales dont eat humans, they eat fish, mammals, birds, in some places types of sharks and sea rays, polar bears, reptiles, and some other Killer Whales. We are also killing them for their blubber for make up produces. So if you dont want Killer Whale blubber in your lipstick then look for Vegan Free Cosmetics. 

Some Pictures of What Killer Whales Look in the Wild Oceans