By: Marlon Myers, Christina Calvo, Mary Garcia


When were they born?

January 18, 1689 in La Brede, France

What are their political thoughts?

Montesquieu's thoughts were for Separation for Political Power.

Write a famous quote from your Enlightenment thinker and explain in your own words what you think this quote means?

"Useless laws weaken the necessary laws"

I think that this quote is trying to say that the government sometimes makes laws that don't really do anything or protect anybody making the real laws not important.

What was his job?

Montesquieu was a lawyer, author, and philosopher.

What are his greatest achievements in life?

Montesquieu was most known for writing The Spirit of the Laws.


2 friends from Enlightenment period

Locke and Rousseau

2 friends from 21st century

Marlon and His freshman history teacher.


They both agree with Montesquieu