Martin News 12/5/14

Celebrate Computer Science week December 8-12th.

All A2 STEAM students will participate in coding activities next week

The Hour of Code - WORLDWIDE

What is Computer Science Week? Why is it important?

  • Computer Science Week is just like reading month, 100th day of school, MLK day. It's a time when we focus on how important computer science is to our lives.
  • Computer science is the art of blending human ideas and digital tools to increase our power. Computer scientists work in so many different areas: writing apps for phones, curing diseases, creating animated movies, working on social media, building robots that explore other planets and so much more.
  • Everyday things that use computer science: a cell phone, a microwave, a computer, a traffic light… all of these things needed a computer scientist to help build them.
  • Toys you use, iPads, iPhones, VTech toys, Video games.

Book Fair

The book fair is coming to our school next week also. Your child will be able to preview books and will bring home a wish lists of things to be purchased during the book fair. We will work on adding tax during our math lessons, but if the order should change, please send in enough money to cover sales tax.

Book Orders

If you would like to order holiday book gifts for your child, I'm placing an order next Wednesday 12/10 for delivery before winter break. If you choose to do this let me know and I will arrange for pick up without your child finding out.

Math - Place Value

Students learned about place value this week. Ask your child about the value the digit 5 has in 25 and 52. Be sure you are told about the ones and tens making the value different. Students defended answers and helped persuade others to thinking about how to solve the problem. Students compared numbers and played an interesting game of I have...who has place value edition. Ask about our class record and how we have tried to beat it.

iPads - How we are using them

iPads are being used in our class to add challenge to Math. Students are using Frontrow on the iPad for individualized math practice. Math fluency is exercised daily using XtraMath so that students can secure math fact recall quickly. Using an app called Nearpod, students were able to participate in whole group discussion and while privately sharing responses with me. They we able to interview friends and share answers with the entire class. We will also begin to use the iPads to document work in class and produce videos similar to the one created by me for the Expo.

Winter Clothes

The weather has changed! Students go outside for recess every day unless the weather is inclement. Please send your child to school with proper outer wear. I require students to dress in layers provided by home during our class recess and for lunch recess. So make sure to send warm hats, gloves, snow pants, boots and scarves.

PBL - How it is changing our classroom

Thank you for your honest feedback about the work done for the Expo. Students have continued to build on all of that work. They were very interested in hearing your thoughts on the presentations. They also shared very interesting thoughts of their own. Students were impressed with the work they did and that made me happy.

As we practiced a drill for interpreting base 10 blocks place value, we discovered that all of the pieces were not present and caused the drill not to go very smoothly. I announced that Mrs. Ransom & I would figure out what was wrong. This was met with resistance from the class. They declared that "they" could figure out what was missing and make it right. So students delayed eating snack to find the problem and gave us the information we needed to fix it. It's moments like this when I am so happy to have students that are confident in the engineering design process. We are STEAM and this is how we learn.

Report Cards

Report cards will come home next Friday, 12/12/14. They will be sent home in a large envelope and it is requested that you take the report card out, sign that you received it and send the empty envelope back to school with your child. You will receive the envelope each time a report card is sent home with it being returned only for the Fall and Winter marking periods.
Important Dates
  • 12/8 Hour of Code week @ A2 STEAM
  • 12/12 Report cards go home
  • 12/19 Variety Show
  • 12/22 Winter break begins