Women And Refugess

By: sadie baker

What Many Women Did/ Military Women Efforts

1. ran plantations and family farm.

2. worked in plants and making uniforms/ making clothing.

3. promoted patriotism

4. gunrunners

5. nurses

7. even serve as soldiers

8. spices

My point of view

I think that the topic I choice is important, to the Texas Civil War is because, it shows you that they did not want the women, to join the war because they wanted them, to stay home keep they supplies coming for the men. The only way they can be at the war is if they are nurses, gunrunners, and if they acted like men to help fight in the war. But if you get caught you get killed because you know that you are not allowed in the Texas Civil War.


1. Why did the women not get to fight in the war? Because they wanted them to stay home and make the supplies.

2. Why was the only way the women got to be there is if they are nurses or gunrunner? Because they need a lot of them to stay home to give them the supplies to them to last the war.

3. How has it changed for the women today? The way it has changed for the women today is that they get to fight in the war today now.


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