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In case you probably desire to transfer your Mac Mail data to Outlook for Windows, which in simple terms mean, to export MBOX to PST you must try an MBOX to PST converter free version. With the world divided by the Mac users and the Windows users, the conversion becomes necessary today if the switch has to be made. This is because, Mac Mail is not compatible with the files with Outlook and thus, it leaves no other option except to convert MBOX to PST for an easy use.

Read on further to know why you would happily prefer exporting MBOX to PST.

Why is it best to Convert MBOX to PST Free before Buying a Converter?

Windows Outlook, being the most used professional email client is in the matter of fact that, the email client is easy to use and provides numerous advantages to the user than any Mac compatible email client. Some of the amazing features that state this true are:

  • Ensures security

Outlook for Windows ensures security towards email messages and keeps away the unwanted threats, for example,

  • Viruses
  • Spam
  • Junk mail
  • Unauthorised access
  • Hacking of sensitive details, such as, bank account details, passwords, etc (phishing)
  • Customized search

With Outlook for Windows, you don’t need to go through all your inbox, because; you just have to type in the keyword in the search box, which makes the search process easier.

  • One user can connect with many users at the same time

To convert free MBOX to PST is one good decision to make, in the matter of fact that, with Outlook, you can now connect to different people at the same time to share the same info, for example, a calendar event or contact details, etc. This ensures that you have checked the tool thoroughly.

This can further lead you to buy MBOX to Outlook converter that is worth it.
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