What the lesswithjess diet program

What the lesswithjess diet program means for slimmers

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Since the end of the 20th century, Australia's government has had to face the fact that its citizens are becoming increasingly overweight. This is not just a crisis of culture were Australians are no longer exercising or participating in sport, but it is also a crisis for health services, the economy, and society. What this looming crisis reveals is that Australians need to get serious about losing weight, and they need to do so in a way that means that they won't simply regain that weight after the diet ends. In order to make sure that dieters stay fit and healthy in the long-term, it is important to choose a weight loss program that really succeeds.

Why normal diets fail

Experts believe that part of the reason for the sudden rise in obesity is regular dieting programs which enable slimmers to keep weight off once it is lost. Statistics show that a dieter is more likely to regain the weight they have lost, plus additional kilograms, within a few months of the diet ending. The reasons for this are many, but one significant reason is the way that the body behaves when its food resources are limited. This triggers an action known as 'starvation mode', which prevents the loss of body fat by reducing the amount of calories burned, and by choosing to break down muscle mass rather than fat cells. The loss of muscles, plus the reduction in the metabolism, means that slimmers often end their diet in a worse position than when they began. One alternative is to use the lesswithjess program that advocates metabolism-building diet drops.

Why use diet drops?

The problems with standard diets described above go beyond the period of the diet, and into the months following that diet's end. Slimmers need to be able to control their metabolism before they continue with any diet program. Rather than simply trying to force the body to lose more weight than it wants, diet drops can help slimmers to manage their metabolism. The drops suppress the starvation mode, and actively stimulate a gland in the brain, the hypothalamus, which is responsible for controlling fat burning and appetite. By using the drops, dieters can get this glad to start burning more of their fat stores for fuel, and reduce their feelings of hunger.

Combining drops with diets

In order to effectively reset the diet, slimmers need to accompany their use of the drops with a low-sugar and carbohydrate diet. The lesswithjess program can help them to achieve this easily through using slow-release diet gel caps, which spread the dose over a longer period of time, or with diet drops, which act more quickly.

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