west regoin

BY: Jackson heustis


The states are Hawaii, Oregon , Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, California, Colorado, Utah, Alaska. the location it is by the Pacific ocean.

west region facts

  • the west was the last frontier
  • the west is a region of scenic beauty on a grand scale
  • in the west most of the sates are partly mountainous
  • in much of the west population is sparse
  • in the west you can go fishing, hiking, camping, and mining
the climate of the west is usually warm in the fall the degrees is 45 degrees and below. normally the degrees in the west region is 50 degrees and higher.

why my region is better than the others

my region is better than the others because in the west region it is hotter than the other regions like the mid west and the south. Another way that my region is better than the others is there is more activates like hiking,camping,mining,rock climbing and white water rafting.