KCS GT Update

July 2021 Volume 14

Happy Summer!

Summer has officially begun and is in full swing. Hopefully, your family has been able to take some time to enjoy the slow-down summer offers. We hope you relish these last few weeks of summer.

What's the GT Department up to?

July is a great month to relax, remember, and reflect. We in the GT Department are doing just that. We are taking time to relax whether that is by a beach, a pool, or on a hiking trail. We are remembering all the great moments from last school year. We are also remembering our history and celebrating it. Lastly, this is a time for reflection. We are reflecting on what worked well and what needs tweaking. We are excited to come back to the school year 2021-2022 refreshed and rejuvenated.


Twice-exceptional is the term used when referring to a gifted child who may also have one or more disabilities, "as defined by federal or state eligibility criteria". This NAGC article does a beautiful job of explaining what this may look like both at home and at school. It also provides resources so parents of twice-exceptional students can advocate for their children.

More Resources for Your Child

Need a thinking and problem solving "pick me up" for your child this July? Have them try a logic puzzle by clicking here. These logic puzzles are even leveled to give your child a challenge!

Sudoku is a hit with all ages and skill levels! Work as a family to solve, have your child solve, or compete against each other to solve these Sudoku puzzles interactively by clicking here.

Brain teasers are a great way to challenge your child while inspiring some creative thinking! Click here to check out 45 brain teasers for your child to tackle this July!

Staying Connected in East Tennessee

KCS GT Department

The KCS Gifted and Talented department strives to create a SAFE environment for each other, our teachers, students, schools and parents where we value Support, Advocacy, Flexibility, and Empathy.

As instructional coaches, we will meet each teacher where they are as we seek to create a SHIFT in service delivery and instructional practice in order for every teacher to feel confident in providing challenging and engaging instruction requiring students to persevere through complex tasks.

As gifted practitioners, we will meet each student where they are as we seek to create a SHIFT in student efficacy in order for every student to feel confident in participating in complex tasks, advocating for themselves, and utilizing a growth mindset.

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