Internet Privacy & Security


Passwords are what keep our accounts safe from being hacked but depending on your password and if other accounts have the same password, it can lead to big problems. So here are some tips to help keep you safe.

  • Keep the password long
  • Don't use the same for all your account (Especially your bank account)
  • If necessary, change your password every 6 months
  • Don't tell others
  • Use this link to see how secure your password really is.


A scam is a scheme to which someone is in hopes to get money off you. Here are some tips to see if an add online or an email is really a scam.

  • Check for misspelling
  • Check from who sent it
  • Check for damage in the products
  • Check if the website is "https://" that shows it an secure website.

eBay Scam

When shopping online, check for damage in the products. A very popular scam on eBay is the damaged product. What happens is that when you purchase an item online and when it gets delivered to your house, the product is damaged. Afterwards, when you go ask for a refund from the seller, the seller will give back some of the money but not through eBay, they will ask to send the refund through another website. If you agree, they send you a refund but then they can claim you stole money from them, which then you have to give back the money they gave you with additional fee which is when they make a profit.

In the bottom of the page, you can watch a video of how someone dealt with this scam

Privacy and User agreements

Before downloading software on your computer or downloading an app, you must agree to the privacy and user agreements, this is not read by most people but they are very important. This tells you what the app is allowed to do to your phone, such as having access to contacts or pictures which is invasion of privacy. So here some things to check.

  • Check if they get access to photos and contacts
  • Check if it's allowed to run in the background of your phone
  • Check if it's allowed to store password

eBay Scammer Gets Scammed On Video Game Lot!


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