Life of Blah

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Species: Blah

Name: Blah

This is a Blah who's name is Blah. Blah's are newly discovered creatures whom are definitely quite innovative. They will walk on all 4 of their legs, with their face to the ground. They have patterns on their back, and eyes on their head. Depending on how you imagine the future, it can be a bright, colorful thing (literally). These Blah's could help clean the world and maybe one day, change the world.


The photo to the right is an example of an environment in which Blah's would live in. Blah's tend to live in colorful areas because the bright, eye catching colors will attract them.

Eating Habits

Blah's are similar to bottom feeders in the ocean. Blah's like to eat the dust on colorful objects that are appealing to the eye. This allows things like art and furniture to be clean and still have that "new, fresh" look. Every now and then, they will eat small dead bugs.


Blah has 2 adaptations

Camouflage: Camouflage is when a character can blend in with their surroundings. This allows them to hide from their predators that way, they wont be eaten. Demanding on which habitat they choose to live in, their backs will have patterns similar to the colors on the colorful objects that they clean. Since Blah's don't like to travel far distances, it shouldn't be too hard for them to adapt to a habitat.

Bright Colors: Since Blah's are typically attracted to bright colors, they will be attracted to bright color Blah's. This will allow Blah's to mate and increase the Blah population. The interesting part is that certain Blah's are attracted to different colors. Some might be interested in their favorite color too!


Blah's help the environment and world by cleaning up dust and dead bugs. We always see dead bugs on the street, in our house, etc. and who knows how much dust is built up around the world. The Blah's will help get rid of these things.


Blah's will change the world and make it a better, clean place. Who knows what can happen with mutations and different breeds. Before you know it, Blah's will clean up all the worlds mess (despite the negative mutations).