Life Skills Mantra

Where Knowledge meets Wisdom


Give your kids the leading edge he deserves. Give your kid the platform from where he/she can blossom into a confident adult. Give your kid the life mantra he/she needs to hear.

What Do I get

1. Be a good public speaker

2. Be a confident person

3. Decision Making

4. Remain consistently in positive attitude

5. Self Discipline

6. Mastership in leadership

7. Dreams and Goals

8. Remove fear, shyness and other complexes

9. Skills to convince others easily

10. Presence of Mind

11. Be an energetic & enthusiastic person

12. Improve body language and voice modulation

13. Sense of Humour

14. Speak fluently with effective communication skills

15. Spoken english and basic grammar

16. Memory Power & Concentration skills

17. Inculcate Principles and Values

18. Learn Dining and Social Etiquette

19. Cultural competence and diversity awareness

20. Effective participation Techniques

21. Anxiety handling

22. Freedom from Common Behavior problems

23. Yoga & Meditation

24. Healthy living

25. Building Character ( Will Power. Self Confidence, Determination & Enthusiasm)

Guaranteed to be Fun and Relaxing