Project 3: UBO 3-D Print

By: Zach Fuller


Why is it Useful?

The reason people would use a Universal Bottle Opener is either because it could help anyone open any type of commonly used bottles such as Gator-aid sized bottles, water bottle sized bottles, pop cans, and even cans with out screw off tops which you can just pop off with this tool. Some possible consumers could be people that are in the older age range that have struggles doing simple things. Other consumers could be people who have disorders such as Crushing Syndrome where the person might not have as strong muscles as normal people. And cant do simple things such as opening a bottle.

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Universal Bottle Opener

When making our prints we never really ran into any problems except when trying to transfer our prints to an SD card which we couldn't find the file that we saved it to. Another problem we ran into was the first time we went to the build plate we noticed that the temperature for the preheat was 230 instead of what is was supposed to be (250). If we were to do this again I would've put our file into a much easier spot to find and also i would've double checked all the settings and everything just to make sure that it was all right. Another problem at the end was getting the glue off. I think I may have put to much glue on the build plate so than I had to bring it home and soak it in some hot water to get it off. Next time I would;d just use a little less glue because this time it just exploded out of the bottle.

UBO: End Result

My print came out just like I wanted it too. It worked just as it was supposed too. What was interesting was using the cool software to print it and also while printing I wasn't sure if the print was going to work because once it started the second layer of the spikes it looked like the filament was going to start to fall off onto the plate abut after a few strings that went across badly it turned out great. Another thing was is that I didn't want it to snap or not be able to bend so then I couldn't actually open the bottles, but in the end it worked perfectly and i'm just proud of how well it came out.
Copy of 3-D print UBO