Life in Fifth

September 9, 2016

A Note From Mrs. Berry's Desk

Please send permission forms and Camp money in by September 16, 2016. We will send information about what students should wear and bring closer to our camp date. If you have any questions please contact Mr. Baughman: or Mrs. Gibbon: as soon as possible. If you have already sent in payment and your child's permission form, please disregard.

Enjoy your weekend!


Student Council elections were held today in each 5th and 6th grade homeroom! We will inform students who have been nominated this coming Monday. I was so proud of each and every student who gave a speech today. It took a lot of courage, and I was really impressed with their creativity! Good luck to each and every candidate!

Student of the Week

What is it?

We want to get to know your child by celebrating them all week! Each student in our class will have a chance to be student of the week. Student of the week will complete a packet of get to know you items, cut them out, and hang them on our student of the week board. They may also choose to bring in pictures to hang up as well. Some time during that week the student will get to share with their peers. They also get the privilege of sitting at our V.I.P. table during homeroom!

This Week's Student of the Week: Josh Allen

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A look at our week

Mrs. Berry's Language Arts

This week in language arts our weekly focuses were:

  • literal and inferential questioning
  • using text evidence to justify our answers
  • synonyms and antonyms
  • editing and publishing our writing

We are making great progress drawing inferences from the text. We've learned that the author doesn't always tell us "LITERALLY" everything, but sometimes we must INFER or fill in the blanks. We will continue to become masters at this reading skill throughout the entire year. I am anxious to share your child's "Best Part of Me" paragraph writing samples within the coming week. They have worked hard building themselves up, by sharing what they felt was the best part of them!

Students met with me today regarding their current AR progress. Students should be at 25% of their AR point goal (approximately 3 points). Please review the AR reading record coming home today. You can also set up email alerts for your child's progress by going to the following link:

Study Island:

I have begun to assign study island assignments as we cover certain topics. Students should try to earn a blue ribbon, answering 10 questions with a 70% or higher score. They can also work on increasing their score by practicing the assignment as many times as they would like. Practice makes progress! Students are given time at school to complete these assignments, however, students can access Study Island at home too!

1st Quarter Assignments:

1. Synonyms and Antonyms-Due Friday, September 16th

~Mrs. Berry

Miss Ross' Language Arts

Four day weeks are always exciting weeks!

This week in Language Arts we dove into identifying literal writing vs. inferential writing. My students are experts on detecting the differences and classifying each type! In vocabulary, we studied synonyms and antonyms, identified them, and made our own! We also finished our narrative writing;The Best Part of Me. A copy of their writing piece ( writing only- no picture included) will be sent home at the beginning of next week. My student's complete project will be displayed next week in the 5th grade hall and will later be sent home for you to see their masterpieces in their entirety. Today I met with your student one- on-one and we touched base with their AR reading progress. As of today they should have 25% of their reading goal complete to stay on track for the rest of this quarter. A reading record was given to them and they were instructed to take it home so you could see their progress as well.

Learning in 5th grade Language Arts is in full force here at Nashport Elementary and we LOVE IT!

~Miss Ross


This week in math students completed the Study Island lesson using Powers of Ten and took an assessment using these skills. You may view your child's assessment by logging into Study Island. Their username is their lunch code with tv added to the end and their password is abc. Students began modeling fractions and decimals and writing fractions as decimals. Next week we will review these skills as well as comparing decimals and whole numbers, standard form and expanded form of decimals and whole numbers, and using exponents.

I am requesting your assistance in practicing multiplication facts with your child each day. The purpose of practicing multiplication facts is to learn them to the level of fluency or automaticity. Automaticity with multiplication facts means we can answer any math fact instantly and without having to stop and think about it. The faster students become, the easier time they will have in higher levels of math. We want students to be thinking about the complex process, the problem solving or multi-step algorithm they are learning, not having to stop and ponder the answer to multiplication facts. The only way to improve at anything that we do is to practice. Be it sports, musical instruments, playing video games, reading or math skills, all improve with practice. There are many links to resources on my teacher webpage that your child may use to practice their multiplication facts. Thank you for supporting your child's education.

~Mrs. Kohl

Social Studies & Science

This week in social studies students reviewed lines on a globe and learned about relative location and climate. On Monday there will be a quiz over this material. We also learned about multi-tiered timelines and began constructing our own multi-tiered timeline using the dates students brought in.

Today in class we read the book Fireboat The Heroic Adventures of the John J. Harvey and discussed Patriot Day. We talked about how there were many people and first responders who became heroes that day by coming together to help those that survived the disaster of 9/11. Students also wrote thank you notes to our local first responders.

Next week we will begin our life science unit. Please begin sending in your large plastic containers with your child's name on it. Ideal containers are pickle jars or large pretzel/cheese ball containers. I have shown examples in class to the students - there is quite a variety out there. Students can also use clear 2-liter bottles but will need an adult to cut the top part of the bottle off so that we are able to fit a hand inside. We will be making terrariums with these containers.

~Mrs. Gibbon

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For Your Calendar

September 12th

PTO Meeting @ 6pm

September 16th

5th Grade Camp Field Trip Form and Money Due*

September 30th

Super Scottie Breakfast @ 9:30am

October 3rd

PTO Meeting @ 6pm

October 11th

Picture Day

October 13th

5th Grade Camp 7:30am-9:30pm

October 15th

Fall Festival 11am-4pm

October 21st

End of 1st Nine Weeks

October 24th

No School-Teacher Professional Day

October 28th

Grade Cards Distributed

*Make check or money order payable to : Tri-Valley 5th Grade Camp Trip. NO CASH will be accepted.