Double Eagle

Author: Sneed B Collard III


Mike is going to see his dad for the summer. He wants him to make friends with a kid named Kyle. Kyle has lived in Orlando for a long time . There is this ship called the Skink and people say it wrecked out in the middle of the sea. Mike and Kyle want to find a Double Eagle coin worth about 200,000 dollars that was said to be on the ship. The coin was made in 1861 and was minted from New Orleans. The Skink is strange because it actually wrecked on the shoreline and they desperately want to find the treasure. They sneak in ever day to try and find it. They even went down in the cisterns. There are Water Moccasins and rats is this cisterns, which neither of them like. There's these people called the Reef Wreckers which are treasure hunters that want the Double Eagles. They need to find the treasure fast because Hurricane Elsa is on its way. When it arrives Mike looks in the one place they haven't looked, the ceiling. It wasn't supposed to move because nothing is supporting the blocks. So he uses Kyle's hair comb to pick out the shinning gold in between the blocks. He said, "Did we find it?" Somebody else was there and tried stopped them. It was Rod and Becky, who were once their friends, but to anymore. Rod had a gun and said he was going to shoot them so they told him where the gold was. He removed one brick and then removed another. 24 Double Eagles came out and the ceiling collapsed, but they got out in time. Hurricane Elsa had finally hit, so they ran to safety. Kyle still had two Double Eagles so he gave Mike one. In the end, Mike left to go back with his dad off the island and Kyle stayed on the island. They never told anyone about the gold they had found. Mike tried to reach Kyle, but could never find him again. He hoped that one day he'd reunite with Kyle on Shipwreck Island.
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Why I Chose This Book

The reason I chose this book was because cover looked interesting. The book had treasure, hunting, storms, excitement and adventure. I really liked the blurb on the back and it got me interested. I always like books about treasure and suspense. There was a little bit of mystery too-who doesn't love that?

Double Eagle Coins

This reminds of the coins Kyle and Mike found on Shipwreck Island.
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The Skink

This is the ship that wrecked in the book in 1861.
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Kyle is handsome,strong and bad at sports and yells a lot. I chose this picture because it reminds me of him yelling
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Mike is good at sports, not handsome and smart. The reason i chose this picture is because he's so good at sports.
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